My love

These days I have got a big passion in my life and that is my bike.Nowadays I get so engrossed in the thoughts of my bike , that I forget to think about my dear friends, atleast that is what they complaint about.I dont know how far is this true, but its truth that I love my bike more than I love anything else.So a very dear friend of mine dedicated a poem to me and my bike.The poem is as follows..

You are so beautiful
graceful, slim and sleek
you make me feel so good
riding fast on your wonderfully smooth seat
I feel like I’m flying
in the clouds
Just you and me
no other thing compares
nothing matters
just you and me
I love those days when you and I can spend hours together
forgetting our worries
One day we will move to an island with no snow, sleet or ice
and live out our days together
and make beautiful little baby road bikes


One thought on “My love

  1. All the best for your endeavours.Lovely bike and lovely colour.wish you success in your dream journey with your bike….

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